Restore my Everhot

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Restore my Everhot

Questions asked for us to restore your Everhot wood stove!
  • We require a 50% deposit before we work on it, the other 50% will need to be paid upon collection. During your restoration we pull apart the stove, it’s surprising how much damage can be hiding on the inside. You only need to pay the one figure and we’ll care and repair for any and all damage we find without it costing you any extra. As part of the restoration, we pull apart all internals and replace all the sheetwork. Any of the cast we either repair or replace. Once cast iron is broken, it loses a lot of its strength. As such the repaired component could last a month, or it could last the next 30 years. We don’t currently have the ability to re-enamel. Hence all enamelling has to be sent over East then back. So we recommend either cleaning up the enamel and dealing with areas its rusted (Which will be cleaned), or we blast it off and colour It with some high heat paint/powder coating
  • Drop files here or
  • Because of the cost of re-enameling, how do you want us to treat your current enamel?
  • What colour/s aesthetic, style etc do you want your stove to look like? We will try our best to make this style happen.


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