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Motas Wood Stoves have a range of professionally renovated stoves of many different
makes and models

The examples on this page give some idea of the extensive range available.

Everhot Renovations 8Some of the brands available include the following:

      • Everhot
      • Rayburn
      • Stanley
      • Wellburn
      • Wellstood
      • Carmichael
      • Godin
      • Thermalux
      • Metters
      • Doric
      • Bosky and many others!

You may choose another stove from the range or we will fully restore your own stove.

We handle all repairs, small and large and we are fully equipped to totally renovate your stove if necessary.

Please phone before making a special trip to view  any of these stoves so that we will can be available to help you.

Please Contact Us for spare parts, repairs  or the complete renovation of your stove.

Everhot Renovations - phoneFor more information call us at (08) 9399 6934 or mobile 0427 978 327 at any time

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Everhot Renovations 3
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