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Everhot, notably model 204, is our most popular stove and for this reason we have every conceivable part in stock at all times.

Most of the Everhot parts are listed below.
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Model 204 Spare Part Description

Ash pan (Stainless Steel)

Brick Set ( with Hot Water )   Everhot 204 Fire Brick Set

Fire Cement (2 or 4 Litre)   Fire Cement

Door catch Everhot 204 Door Catch

Door pin

Fire Door Inner Panel

Fire Door Inner Panel Everhot 204 Fire Door Inner Panel
   (Stainless Steel)

Fire Door reconditioned

Fire Door protection plate

Flue Box 'O' ring

Flue Box (Top) Everhot 204 Flue Box (Top)(Rear) Everhot 204 Flue Box (Rear)

Flue Cowl (Stainless Steel)

Flue damper

Flue Set (Stainless Steel)

Grate (Complete) Everhot 204 Grate

Grate (Inner)

Grate (Outer)

Model 204 Spare Part Description


Hob (Top) casting

Hob (Top) casting - Enameled

Hot Plate Everhot 204 Hot Plate

Hot Water Coil   Everhot 204 Hot Water Coil

Left casting

Oven assembly (Stainless Steel)  Everhot 204 Oven Assembly

Oven control

Panel (Left Inner)

Panel (Left Outer)

Seal (Ash door)

Seal (Fire Door)

Seal (Fire Door) Long

Seal (Flue Box)

Seal (Hot Plate Cover)

Seal (Hot Plate)

Seal (Oven) Everhot 204 Oven Seal

Thermometer (L tube)

Ordering Spare Parts

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