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Put simply, wood is very good for our health and environment. Wood smoke has nothing to do with pollution but has a lot to do with oxygen production and the oxygen cycle. Likewise gas has nothing to do with being clean, but has a lot to do with pollution, ill health and our eventual demise.


Alert Over Unflued Gas Fumes
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The State Government has issued a public alert over the use of unflued gas... after research showed they can spark the onset of asthma, lung infections and other respiratory problems ... Health Minister Jim McGinty warned people with... gas cookers to be aware of the health risks. Findings of a new National Health and Medical Council study show unflued heaters increased the level of indoor pollutants such as Nitrogen Dioxide ... Carbon Mononxide ... Symptoms include asthma attacks, breathing difficulties, tight chest and other respiratory-related problems.” The West Australian Newspapers 21/06/2004. Read more... on ‘Gas - How Bad?

Environmental impact of Western Australia’s North West Shelf gas project
Everhot - Home - Leaf Maple“The Environmental Protection Authority’s report on the project found it would emit 5.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year - increasing WA’s total emissions by 13 per cent and Australia’s total by 1.4 per cent. The EPA also found the potential environmental impact of the project was considerable.”

The West Australian Newspapers 21/09/2002)
More .....

Respiratory Illness from Natural Gas
Everhot - Home - Leaf 1“Incidence of respiratory illness in small children can be as high in homes with natural gas stoves as those with cigarette smoke ... The increased likelihood of such illness as asthma, frequent colds and hay fever ... the study presents the natural gas industry, which has been informed … with its biggest challenge yet … It also has implications for public health policy makers ... Homes with wood- burning heaters even appear beneficial.” (The Australian Newspaper 29/11/1994)     More...

Exhaust Fans Don’t Reduce Gas Induced Health Problems.
Everhot - Home - Leaf 4A UK Medical Journal reports that women who cook with gas tend to suffer from “wheeze … shortness of breath … and asthma attacks … we have not observed any reduction in risk of symptoms with the regular use of extractor fans.”  (
The Lancet - 17/02/1996) More...

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